life isn’t all beer and skittles

life isn’t all beer and skittles
Life is not unalloyed pleasure or relaxation.

1855 T. C. HALIBURTON Nature & Human Nature I. ii. ‘This life ain’t all beer and skittles.’ Many a time..when I am disappointed sadly I say that saw over.

1857 T. HUGHES Tom Brown’s Schooldays I. ii. Life isn’t all beer and skittles.

1931 A. CHRISTIE Sittaford Mystery xxvi. ‘It’s an experience, isn’t it?’ ‘Teach him life can’t be all beer and skittles,’ said Robert Gardner maliciously.

1985 B. J. MORISON Beer & Skittles iii. ‘“Life,” as the saying goes,’ he solemnly informed Persis, ‘“is not all beer and skittles.”’

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